Legal Representation

Our fee is be based on a number of factors.  At present, our fees are $295.00 per hour for Sheila P. Carrigan’s attorney time.  This fee takes into account our level of experience, reputation, ability and skill; this base rate may increase as it increases for new clients for whom we do similar work.  We charge $200.00 for associate attorney services, and $110.00 per hour for all paralegal, law clerk and legal assistant services.  We also may assign a standard unit of time to routine functions such as phone conferences, preparation and review of letters and the use of documents and forms previously prepared for matters such as this. Generally speaking, any work on your case, including brief phone calls or emails will be billed at 1/10 of an hour. In deciding the amount to be billed, we have the option to consider relevant factors in addition to the time charges reflected by our base rates, such as the novelty and difficulty of the issues the nature and length of our professional relationship, the amount involved, the time limitations involved, the times when bills are rendered and the results obtained. However it is our policy to bill you for the time expended on your case, no more and no less.


Our current rates are $250.00 per hour (generally $125.00 per side) for mediation services.  Services include: initial conversations regarding mediation, preparation of this Mediation Services Agreement; preparation of the Mediation Engagement Letter, preparation with each party, review of documents, joint meetings, drafting of memorandums of understanding and any other necessary documents and, when appropriate, research of specific agreed upon topics or review of other documents.  We generally require a $200.00 retainer, to be deposited in the firm’s trust account and billed as used with any balance returned to the parties.