Divorce and Custody Services

Overview of Divorce and Custody Services

  • Family Law: It’s important to understand the issues and receive legal advice regarding any prenuptial or postnuptial agreements (marital agreements), divorce filings, or post-divorce (post-decree) disputes, before making any decisions. More than ever before, today’s definition of family is changing. Carrigan Law, LLC proudly serves individuals in traditional marriages, cohabitation, same-sex relationships, civil unions, common-law marriages, or other alternative family structures.

  • Divorce: Divorce or legal separation often involves complex legal and financial issues. It’s important to get advisement as to your legal position, rights, and responsibilities, before determining how to proceed. Depending on the matters that may be in dispute, you may benefit from full representation or you may be in a position to represent yourself and utilize our “unbundled” legal services.

  • Custody: Drafting a parenting plan often requires expert advice to ensure you can navigate this sometimes contentious process, and come out with a binding agreement that is enforceable yet flexible enough to accommodate the growth your children. If the matter is contested, you need experienced counsel to help ensure that the right arguments are presented effectively as to the “best interests” of the children.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Parallel to the court system are various methods of resolving family issues. Attorneys at Carrigan Law, LLC, can help you with the following:


  • Parenting Coordination / Decision Making: Colorado law provides for a parenting coordinator and/or decision-maker in certain domestic relations cases. Sheila Carrigan can be appointed to assist in resolving disputes and/or making decisions in areas of parental conflict.

  • Mediation: Family Law services include mediation, which can help you resolve conflict without entering a courtroom. Sheila Carrigan is a trained mediator who can assist in clarifying and understanding family law conflict and coming to a resolution.

  • Arbitration: You may consider a resolution of your dispute where all parties agree to accept the decision of an unbiased third-party.  Sheila Carrigan is an experienced judge and arbitrator.

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