Parenting Coordination / Decision-Making

Colorado law provides for a parenting coordinator and/or decision-maker in certain domestic relations cases. Often, the roles are combined into the appointment of a single person, the “PCDM.” The role of a PCDM is to assist in the resolution of disputes between the parents concerning parental responsibilities, including but not limited to implementation of the court-ordered or previously stipulated to parenting plan.

As an experienced family law litigator and former judge, Sheila Carrigan is an experienced Parenting Coordinator and Decision-Maker. As Parenting Coordinator, Ms. Carrigan can assist parents in implementing the terms of a parenting plan through creating, if possible, an agreed-upon, structured guideline; developing guidelines for communication; assisting the parties in developing parenting skills; assisting the parties in identifying the sources and causes of conflict between them; and assisting the parties in developing parenting strategies to minimize conflict. As Decision-Maker, or PCDM, if the parents are not able to agree to a resolution of matters in dispute, Ms. Carrigan will have binding authority to resolve disputes consistent with the substantive intent of the existing court order, including but not limited to:

• disputes concerning the implementation or clarification of existing orders concerning the parties’ minor children;
• disputes about parenting time
• specific disputed parental decisions
• child support

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